Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Documenting Life

Lately I am obsessed with documenting, and getting all my photos in order! Unfortunately with the digital world we live in I have not kept up on all my printing of photos. Do you have this same problem!? Even some of the most organized people I know don't have their pictures in print! I really can't imagine how I will be able to keep up with it all when I have kids! Yikes!

I have given up on scrap booking completely! I realized I don't love scrap booking like I love other things like painting, and illustrating, and taking pictures and cooking...
AND guess what?
There are only so many hours in the day!
It's hard to make time do do the things I love let alone things I just feel obligated to do..
so people...
let me tell you something...
Do what you love... and Love what you do.
Don't waste time on hobbies, activities or people that don't light you up!

My goal for the end of the year is to get all caught up on my photos!
Shutterfly has a free book deal going on until tomorrow! I decided to make a book of all my recent paintings! One of my big ones that sold this year I never got a good picture of it! How sad! Take my advice... Keep up on it so it doesn't become ONE huge task! 
Make it easy and fun! 
For me Just slipping my photos in a "old fashion" photo album is 
AWESOME AND PERFECT! And making books like this one on Shutterfly are fun and easy!

You'll love award-winning Shutterfly photo books. Start your own today.