Thursday, August 16, 2012

Amazing Healing Workshop!

I've been buried. 
Under water.
Overworking myself and over extending myself. Promising too much. Traveling too much.
JUST way TOO flippin' MUCH.
The past few days working 15 hours each day. Tonight I took the night off. Went to yoga, grocery shopping and did some cleaning. There was still more work-work to do, but I needed to give myself some me time. 
One word for this Graphic Designer... 
There have been a lot of them lately.

Even when I am crazy swamped I somehow still follow Goddess Leonie's blog 
(I guess cause I'm friends with her fb and every freakin post and thing she does inspires me and makes me happy!)
She recently released a healing workshop.
The past 3 days I've been able to keep my shit together using her simple healing techniques to clear my energy and keep myself grounded and sparkly. My husband works nights and tonight he said... 'Wow, with as much as you have been working I thought you'd be all crabby and tired - you look healthy!"
HA HA... I'll take that as a compliment I guess?!

Need to brighten your days? Clear your mind and spirit? Maybe this workshop is for you!

She talks about our energies... and how we shine them. 
I've been reflecting on that and it all makes so much sense.

When we are happy and shining our light... a real light (even maybe has a color if you will) and others see that... we put that out there into the universe
People see it.. they respond to it - and shine in it as well. 
She talks about sort of "owning" our space and our light and drawing it inward... when we don't want to share that light.

Protecting our light.

My husband works in hospital, where there are lots of sick people, people with dementia, people who are suicidal. I've told him to surround him self in a white light just to protect himself from negative energies and toxic stuff. 

I taught my husband a few of the NEW things I learned in Leonie's Healing Workshop and he loved it. He said he instantly felt lighter and brighter.

I love meditation, and protecting myself with light, it has changed my life since discovering it.I believe the power of our mind is a strength we can't even really get a grip on.

Under all this pressure and stress... I could have cracked. Been in tears. Angry.
But I am none of that. (The deadlines are over yet! haha!)
I feel at peace and refreshed.
I think I need more sleep... but I am light.

We all need to take the time... even if its a few minutes to heal ourselves, keep our strength and and keep our inner light alive and strong.

If you are looking for healing... check it out. It is only available to her circle members but you get it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AND it is WORTH EVERY PENNY!!)
Getting all access is the only way to go! I utilize all her courses, meditations, workbooks!
This is my second year being a member and I LOVE IT so much!
Go get your shine on... she has only released it to those of have the AMAZING MEMBERSHIP!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Angels In The Sky!

You have the power to change your day. You have the power to change your perspective. And you have the power to change your life.
When I'm 
CHOOSING to see Magic...
CHOOSING to feel Magic...

When my husband and I went a a mini va-ca. (2 nights and 3 days in the north woods!)
I needed and wanted to disconnect.
I just wanted to re-connect with the earth.
I had the best intentions of creating.
I brought books, and sketch books and magazines, pens and pencils.
But I never used any of them. (I always flippin over pack) My creative vessel was my camera on the trip.

Really all I needed was to sink my toes into the earth and relax.

Every time I looked up...
I saw beautiful dancing white clouds.


A message from the universe.
From God, from my great grandma, from my angels...

If felt like they were holding me in that beautiful place of beauty in the north woods where I needed to be.
When we open our eyes and our hearts... it's amazing what we can experience!
I'm still floating on gratitude from the trip.

Look Up,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lost at Sea

I've been lost at sea (Duluth's Sea).

Traveled for fun. 
Traveled for work. 
Had an Anniversary. 
20 mile bike ride.
Had a birthday.


Swallowed up by the big blue sea of life. 
Life gets so busy. 
And we go
And we go...
But Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
This place of beauty
The Beach.

The Blue.
The Sand.
The stress just melts away.
Just looking at these pics I took last week brings a smile to my face.
They remind me
to find beauty.
To Breathe.
MAKE TIME for joy. 
Today I will do that!

I hope you do too,