The Girl

My Wedding in the Woods!
Hi... I'm Nat (aka Natalie) - I am 28 going on 23... I'm a kid at heart and I'm not sure if I ever wanna grow up. I'm a graphic designer, artist and dog mom. I'm married to my soul mate! His name is Kellen, and he's is a War Hero, Nurse, Champion, and my best friend. When I got married and my last name changed to 'King' I was pretty stoked that I could officially own the the title of the 'Queen!' So that's where the Cre8tive Queen name comes from.

I love to Cre8te!
I love painting, drawing, and photography. I also love expressing my love to my friends and family through my creative gifts. I've dabbled into just about every medium - I love trying new forms of creative expression!

When did it all start?
I fell in love with drawing when I was in 2nd grade, I got the Barbie Fashion Trace Table for Christmas. I would draw for HOURS on that light up desk. It felt like my dream station, a REAL artist desk. It was special. I started to collect Lisa Frank stationary, by the backpack-full! I loved her illustrations (I was obsessed actually!) I watched Disney movies over and over again and tried to per-fect my illustrations of my favorite characters. I loved books and illustrations, this passion and love came from my sweet mother who also loved to read to me. In third grade my cousin and I even pretended we had our own card line, I always wanted to work for Hallmark. Almost twenty years later... I'm working on creating  illustrated cards of my own. I have always had a passion for art.
It's inside me.
In 6th grade for the yearbook we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up - I wanted to be a Disney Animator. (Funny thing is - the first degree I wanted to major in at college was Animation!)
In high school I discovered painting and was so exited about color and texture and earned a few awards - I started to get excited and believe in my artistic skills and talents. 
I wanted to be an art teacher but ended up going to college for Graphic Design. I continue to grow and challenge myself as an artist. I see life as a blank canvas everyday is a new day to create a masterpiece!
Creativity is not something I "try" to do, it's something I have to do. It lights me up. It brings me joy, and makes me so happy. This is my life's purpose. To create and share.

What ELSE (Besides Creating) Lights me Up...
Admiring other artists and art.
COLOR - lots of it!

Photography! (which is creating I guess!)
Blue jeans.
My family.
I dig nature, a lot. 
Trees, water, rocks, green stuff, open skies.... are my bliss.
Did I mention moss?  
Cooking with love. 
Traveling with my husband and golden.
Inspirational books.
Collecting rocks!
Helping people.
The Goddess Guide Book!

Rock Collecting

Lake Superior.
New places.
Positive People.
The cabin.
Inspiring others to choose joy and positivity.
Brightly painted finger nails and toes!

In God.
In Angels.
In Love.
In Hope.
In Kindness.
In Peace.
In Freedom.
In Light.
All these things are within me.
You you are perfect and beautiful.

Everything happens for a reason.
Every person is a gorgeous creation and has gifts to share in this universe!

Positivity can change your life.
In praying.
Giving it a fight.
In having dreams - super big ones.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - this will cure all.
Our thoughts are powerful.
Making time to find our truth, to find our
passion, our 'soul's work' is necessary.
In investing in myself.
You should invest in yourself too.
You are worth it.

Thanks for stopping by and
being a part of my journey!
My hope is that you will
find joy and inspiration here!

Sunshine and Love,