Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sweet Sunday - Happy New Year!

  Sweet Sunday! This Sunday is extra sweet because there are 2 more days to the weekend! Whoohoo! The holidays have come and gone, and although they were fun they were also a little crazy. We threw a huge party and I just didn't get to baking and candy making. I barely bought all the presents, so to be honest I am sort of happy they are over - 6 events in 4 days was enough for me.
  I am looking forward to creating some new canvases I bought with Christmas money, and a fresh start. I miss my art. I worked on this sweet little piece this month but didn't actually get them printed in time for Christmas so I am going to use some for Thank-you cards. I think I'll work on planning out 2013, creating a vision board and my goals!

I'm celebrating Sweet Sunday over at Diana's blog...but I just went to create the link and realized it's supposed to be Sweet Saturday! Ahhhh, I can only laugh! I'm sort of screwed up on days... anyone else? Diana is a favorite illustrator/blogger of mine since I started blogging!

Hope your Sunday is super sweet! (and hope your Saturday was too!)
Happy New Year,

Friday, December 14, 2012

December Bliss List!

I've missed the blank blog canvas page... where I can let my thoughts flow... I can contemplate.. and write... dream... and share.
I thought I could dive back in with the Bliss List, because at this time of year, when we spend time with our friends and family I get all gushy, mushy and sentimental.

I have entered the world of smart phones! FINALLY! And I JUST LOVE Istagram. I try to capture gratitude moments every day.
Here are some of the recent moments I've captured with my phone! I've been thoroughly enjoying the Christmas season so far! We're a week away and I do have a lot of shopping to do but my heart is full and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

I am thankful for my dog buddy bear this week I had a scare that he might have cancer (but we're all good he is healthy!), our pets have such an impact on our lives. WOW!
I am thankful for my sweet husband. This past week we have had so much fun! The big pic on the bottom right was a date night, we went ice skating and a romantic dinner. Another night we drank wine, listened to music, watched tv & talked.
And last night we drove around our neighborhood and looked at lights...this is such a big deal for us - we don't get do do this very often with our work schedules. 

I'm really looking forward to Christmas with my family, I feel blessed I have a family to celebrate with.
I can't imagine it any other way and this year I am kicking off the big holiday weekend hosting a big party for my hubby's side of the family!
I'm blissed out, so happy so blessed! Bliss Blessed!
Thank you for stopping by... hope you have a blissful weekend,