Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being pulled in every direction

  Recently my close friend and mentor asked me "Nat you have so many artistic interests pulling you in every direction... which is your favorite? Which is the one you would really focus on if you could do it all day everyday?" Without hesitation it would be "Hands down - painting" I said. But the more I thought about it... I thought maybe I'm a "colorist?" Is there such a thing? I love getting lost in color and texture! Whether I'm making a painting, capturing a photograph or making a piece of jewelry. I just LOVE COLOR!  I kept thinking about that question she asked me...
  I think I answered painting as my favorite because of the way painting makes me feel. As I child I would draw, and draw and draw. Copy anything I could get my hands, I learned proportion. Every time we would go to the library I would head right to the the small little section they had on crafts & art... and I would collect as many books as I could carry on drawing. And then in high school I took Painting 1, and I fell... and I mean fell hard for painting! It was love at first stroke. It was like a fire inside me that was always there was burning bright, wild and true!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!! It felt so good. So I kept going... all I wanted to do was paint, I focused on it, like when I was kid and all I did was draw. It was like that first love I had, when drawing was all I wanted to do. I was making paintings for my boyfriend, my friends, my grandparents, I just kept painting, and painting. I was just so excited and proud of the progress I was seeing... it was that SAME feeling I got as a child when my drawing skills were progressing.

  So here we are  back at this whole idea of picking one thing. Could I ever really just do one medium for... FOREVER? Be a master at one thing? To tell you the truth it has sort of bothered me from time to time that I'm all over the board. If I did pick just one thing, would I master that one thing? Like I did as a kid with the drawing or like I did with the painting in high school?

  I've worked with glass, metals, paper, canvas, watercolor, oil, acrylic, oil crayons, pastels, charcoal, fabrics, beads, clay, cameras and recently I'm falling back in love with the most basic of all.. drawing! And in reality all day, every day I do Graphic Design as a living. Is your head spinning yet?
 So the past few days I've been all over the board as usual...being pulled in every direction, in a good way.

Capturing photos on Sunday

These 2 cuties were just a few blocks from my house!!

Making jewelry for a gift...

Painting early this morning!
What about you? We all work differently... do you like having more than one medium that you can dip into?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Is there something you have on that "To Do List" that you've always wanted to do? I'm trying to work on my list of dreams for this year! And last weekend I had a chance to make one happen! Have you ever had the chance to swim with the dolphins, swim with the stingrays, or soar with eagles? OK, how cool would that be to be like in one of my favorite Disney movies... and hop on and RIDE AN EAGLE!If could be either a fish or bird.. I would definitely choose bird!
So the closest thing I can get to really soaring with the eagles would be heading to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minnesota. March is their busiest time there as the eagles are migrating, and there are HUNDREDS! I can't believe how many I saw. As a child seeing a nest with a mama and baby eaglets was the highlight of my summer! But this many all in one trip... I was blown away!

 There wingspan is HUGE!! The eagles here in Minnesota can have a wingspan of 6-9 feet! There bones are super light... they are kind of like a big kite, that's how they soar so beautifully!

 Four eagles all in one shot!
 If you have never been it is definitely worth the trip! But my challenge for you is... pick something off your dream list and do it! If it's too big of a dream.. break it down with goals that will get you there!
Happy Soaring today friends!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring!

Things are popping! Green - I love you!

Yesterday marked the first day of Spring! Yea! (Finally!) As winter releases its grip from Minnesota... the earth awakes and I feel my spirit awaken too. There was squishing and sloshing, water flowing, puddle jumping, birds, birds and more birds... singing, chirping and the geese (squawking) their little hearts out! The birds were puddle jumping too! And the smell of mud and the wet earth.... mmmmmm! I was amazed to see some green in my flower bed! YEA! Dogs were barking and people are out running and walking again. I've walked my dog on the same route nearly daily for a full year and it's amazing to see the transformation nature takes! So inspiring!!

Splosh - Splash I was jumping like a 3 year old!

Oh - how I love your songs!

Tails were wagging!

Beautiful buds on blue!

Spring you are here!

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
Time to wake up mama earth! The alarm went off yesterday! Please don't hit snooze on me!

What's your favorite first sign of spring?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Floating on Gratitude

My heart is just floating on gratitude today. I feel so blessed.
For a million things... water, love, light, good friends, art, my husband, my dog, my parents, a home... 
An even cooler (is that even a word?) thing happened that's making me grateful today! 
I sold a painting!

Dreams coming true. 
Yes. Wow. But yet... the things I am most grateful for are those relationships, my love, my family, my friends, and my dog-kid. Ya, he's kind of like a kid.
I am thankful I have not lost them in a disaster.
My heart is just aching, breaking... for those in Japan, who have lost so much. 

Who have lost loved ones... I just have so much to be thankful for. That's why this morning I headed over to Red Cross to donate. The pic above is from National Geographic... it was always a dream of mine to be a photographer for them. Their images are stunning. You can find more of them here.

Do you ever have one of these days? A day when you just are overwhelmed with gratitude.
Where everything just seems so much bigger than you are? In light of all that is happening... that gratitude thing is just crashing onto the shores of my heart today!
That conversation with a good friend, that kiss goodbye, that email, do you ever have that feeling like all those little things are happening for a reason? That it’s all this divine plan, and meant to be! Be grateful today! Make a gratitude list... 10 things you are thankful for today... and feel the goodness that you have been blessed with.

Sending prayers and light too all those touched by the disaster in Japan, and all those who are there helping!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A peek at Fiber Artist Erika Mock!!

Meet Fiber Artist Erika Mock! I had the privilege of taking a peek into her inspiring environment this weekend! The colors and textures in her place has me dreaming of creating a colorful canvas! This is a seriously talented woman! She does workshops, and travels all over selling and showing her work! She does EVERYTHING with fiber - wall art, sculptures, clothes, fiber on canvas, purses - you name it! One of my favorite things is wearable art! I had to splurge and buy  a couple colorful pairs of her fingerless gloves. The are like fairy sleeves! OMG! It must be said...they are to DIE FOR! If I could afford it... I would wear Erika Mock 24-7! Her work makes me feel like an Art Fairy, and I LOVE IT!
Check out her bio page here! If you are ever in Superior Wisconsin (Across the Bridge from Duluth) Stop in to check out her stellar talent!

What artist is inspiring you lately! I would love to know!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Following your passion

Me at my first art show displaying and selling my paintings (December 2007)
Follow your passion! Life is so much better when you’re following your passion!
A few years ago.. in 2007-2008 I had that fire... that passion in my belly to paint.... and well then 'life' happened. Engaged... buy house, plan a wedding, and get married. And slowing but surely the water started to boil again... and I could feel that passion sneaking up on me again!
My spirit was saying...
Take heart, chase dreams!
It’s been almost a week since I last blogged, and the time just flew by!
I’ve been running, creating, running, painting, yogi, running, running, running, fun, running. Not running like on the treadmill running. Running errands, visiting with friends, buying birthday presents, making presents, taking pictures, capturing moments, make art! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
I am really doing it! I’m learning how to spread my wings, how to believe in myself and how to make time for my passions. It’s not always easy... but I’m finding if I put the work in... It feels so good.
For me finding the time that extra time... To put the work in has been in the morning. Mornings... Ugh.
A MORNING PERSON!?!?! I know so many reach for the coffee first thing out the bed (or even soda... I’ve been there!). Me personally I like the fancy coffee with flavoring shots, sugar and milk. But lately I haven’t even been reaching for the coffee in the morning... Why? Because I’m making time for my passions! And I’m excited to wake up! I don’t dread the mornings, and yes I used to dread the mornings!
Yep, a morning girl! I can’t believe it but I’m getting up early. Really early! Early enough to make a smoothie, early enough to create and take a few minutes for myself!
Meditating, creating, blogging!
This is making all the difference in the world for me!
I always wished I was morning person... And now I’m kind of am becoming one!
It’s becoming habit, a habit that feels good... So why wouldn’t I keep doing it?
My friend Goddess Leonie..  Has the coolest FREE book on how to be a MORNING Goddess!
So inspiring!
See what can happen in your life if you take the time to follow your passion!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Creative energy is radiating from the finger tips! Lots of getting messy in the Nat art room! I've been doing mini paintings! Here are a couple of my favorites I wanted to share with you! Hope your weekend is filled with lots of love and creative energy! What have you been working on lately!?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Creative Awareness

It seems everywhere I go and every blog I read the past week has been about getting un-stuck and moving through the "I think I cant's". I must not be the only one who ponders this! We are all looking for the next creative wave! I love how Goddess Leonie talked about the wild donkey... you can check that post out here. When will it come? I've been thinking about this as well. Sometimes creativity comes knocking, sometimes we have to knock at that door and pry it open. Allowing ourselves the time, and space to express ourselves and find it. I've been neglecting my Creative e-course, and after I jumped back in last night I can tell that by not giving myself that time, that time to create, the time to be me... I thought I was stuck. But was I? I read on my friend's blog post about the excuse list. Ah! Yes Jennifer I have that list too! It seemed all those posts I was reading were for a reason when I read last night from 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women. I started this book a year ago and put it down in the crazy busy time of planning my wedding but decided to pick it back up. It's like it was calling my name! The part I was reading last night talked about how a lot of women feel they couldn't have created when their children were young, some did find it their most inspiring time. But most feel these obligations... this list... this feeling like we shouldn't and can't be selfish. I'm not a mom yet but I already think about this struggle a little from time to time. As I do have big creative dreams! =) I'm trying to not get ahead of myself but... I do.

Here is a quote from the book...
"The self is the conduit of creative energy. Thus, in order to birth creative awareness, self-focus is an essential state of mind. The creative process is a dance between the self and a medium; therefore, the self must be free for immersion in the sensations and the steps."

WOW! Creating that balance, when one decides to me a mom and artist, must be a balancing act! Bravo to the moms doing it! I know a few! Self-focus is hard. But necessary. It's not 'normal.' It really makes so much sense though. Whatever it is on our list that is keeping us busy... kids, work, family, chores... we have be selfish as an artist! For some this is a new concept! For me creating is essential, as I know it is for so many other artists as well. When we create we feel alive. It's a part of who we are. It's within us. 

This other part I read really hits home as becasue I think as women we often feel like we need care for everyone and everything on that list first.

"To achieve creatively, we must shift our other orientation into communication with self. One way to to do this to put yourself on the list of people you are committed to support. You are probably great at nurturing others-don't you deserve the same quality care from yourself? Your creativity has to be a priority for you before anyone else will take you seriously."

There is another great book I've read on this topic, my mentor gave it to me. It's called Art and Fear that hits home on why we aren't creating too. I LOVE THIS BOOK! (I think I need to read it again!)
We can live artfully as artists through the everyday things we do like cooking, chores, walking the dog or caring for others but let's make it happen. We deserve it. Let's create! Let's get messy. Get arty-farty! Get inspired! 
Make the time today. SOAR!

Here's a peek at what I created last night/this morning after working on the creative e-course!