Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glimpses of the Gunflint Trail

My husband and I had the opportunity to escape to the Gunflint Trail this weekend! (The Gunflint is a trail/region in northern Minnesota that borders Canada!) 
Wow, I felt so blessed to be surrounded by all the gorgeousness. 
HELLO Gratitude!

It was very healing and inspiring. It is a long drive, and for only a couple days it was a lot of driving but it was worth it.

We did lots of dreaming of when we will buy our own place near the North Shore. My husband brings out the dreamer in me, he's a good listener and encourager of all my dreams. I am so thankful for him. This trip was planned for our 2 year Anniversary. We relaxed, went fishing, boating, picked blueberries, visited friends, and soaked in as much of the beauty as we could.

I love the simplicity of the the north woods. There is inspiration around every corner.
The rocks, the trees, the water, the sky... it just doesn't end.

I am so inspired by this trip. Can't wait to get into the 'art room' to create!
I've missed my landing pad...


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Backyard Beauty

If your looking for inspiration - most of the time you really don't have to go too far! You can go right in your own backyard to find inspiration! This inspiration you can use in your art or just to lift you up!

Sometimes we don't have time with work, family, obligations and all the other life stuff to travel or go to a 'beautiful place.'

So why not just look around your house, your yard, your bedroom, at the park by your house... look around at your beautiful life. I know it's there!

When we take the time to notice the beautiful things
that are right around us...
it only attracts more beautiful things!

Go find beauty!
This is what I found in my

And this beautiful ball of orange fur and love!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Letting go - to SOAR!

I am trying (it's so hard for me!) to eat Gluten Free, and last night - I caved and ate pizza with my husband. I was sick. Tummy churning, I can't sleep or lay down sick. So I painted from 11pm - 1am! I just showed up in front of the canvas and let the painting tell me what it needed, what colors, what images it wanted... and...

Last night BEFORE I started painting....
This has 5-6 layers (I lost count)?

and then after last night's painting session...

WOW - looks a little different huh? It's not a horizontal painting anymore! And the color palette has changed!

It's still not done yet but I really like where it's going.

I LOVE eagles, they are my good luck charm. They make me smile, they inspire me - you might say they are my totem.
I'm the eagle spotter in the family. I've love to photograph them, spot them, draw them... but I've never painted one. Until now!
We have a eagle center here in MN that is amazing if you haven't been (I posted about it here.)

Letting go on the canvas is so exhilarating... and freeing.
I just let it FLOW. 

Almost without thinking... as you can see within only a couple of hours the piece completely changed!
I was so overjoyed while created this - I was damn near moved to tears.
It felt like the canvas was breathing, coming to life, a part of me.

Some of my photographs from a couple of recent trips - to the cabin and the north shore were my inspiration.
Here's a close up of the rocks section - I'm loving it!

Painting is what I was born to do. 
The eagle symbolizes my creative wings soaring.
Taking flight.
Today I went to yoga and we were asked to set an intention for our practice.
Mine was "Creative Energy"
I instantly had a vision of the eagle I painted.... soaring on the beach... the sky was swirled with a million beautiful colors. I was the eagle, it was so magical.

What is it that lights you up inside?
Do more of that.
Miracles will happen.
Love will bloom.
Wings will soar.


Do you have intention for this day? This night? This week? This life?
Set your intention and focus on that.
Anything is possible!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Nike was right!

I really must say Nike had it right.
(Gee, did I really love Nike) 

I was a kid in the 90's... and Nike clothes, socks, hats, shirts and shoes where 
I've discovered the only way to conquer fears, is to just do it.
I've had so many fears, fears that have stopped me in my life.
Afraid of situations, afraid to stand up for myself, afraid of what others with think.
Afraid what will happen, afraid what won't happen.

Anxiety runs in my blood, my dad told me my great grandma even had it.
We live in a fast-passed world where anxiety seems to be abundant.
People are taking prescriptions and trying to cure the overwhelm.
The stomach aches, the fears, the pounding heart, the shaking, sweaty hands.

They want to make it stop.
I've been there. Just wanting it to stop.

For me the cure wasn't the prescription (I've tried it).
I've had anxiety since I was in Elementary school.
At that time prescription drugs weren't as popular and my mom gave me a Pepto Bismol and send me to school.

And guess what?
I was okay.
My mom made me face my fears.
At the time it seemed so unfair. I thought she didn't understand.
Now, I think of it with love, as I'm an adult now and I understand my fears and anxiety much better now. I know how to tame the wild horses in me when they get out of control.
I've learned lots of way to cure anxiety when I start to get overwhelmed
  • Meditation
  • Walk the dog
  • Time in Nature
  • Plan a mini vacation!
  • RUN!
  • Exercise, move and shake it all out
  • Clean
  • Paint
  • Call an awesome friend or my mom 
 What are your go to cures for anxiety and stress?
Me being brave!
 What have I done to get over my fears?
  • Paint. Paint messy and wild. With NO plan, no vision other than to play! It's not the last canvas in the world (just heard that line - and LOVE IT!)
  • Jump into the lake (even though I'm afraid of what I can't see below the surface)
  • Call a client so see if they want to buy! (Um, what if they No?! I just told those voices to shut up and dialed!)
  • Confronted a mean friend when I was being hurt.
  • Went PARA-Sailing (pictured above!)
  • Started this blog!
These are just a few... and if I wouldn't have done any of these who would I be today? Being Brave can be hard, but it's rewarding and exciting!
When we are brave... breakthroughs and new journey's are born!

In third grade I was afraid to go down the water slide. We were at the community center
(I think it was a girl scout troop outing) and I was terrified to go down the water slide. Everyone else was going down. Having so much fun. I just waited for my friends in the pool. They kept keep trying to talk me into going and I bashfully said no. I was so afraid. Someone even said... "I can't believe you are afraid...look the 5 year old kids are going down the slide!"
My best friend some how convinced me, the pool was closing in 10 minutes and we were going to have to go home. I was stricken with fear, what if I drown, what if it went to fast. With time running out I went for it.
I quickly got a few more times in before the pool closed.
I will never forget that night at the Community Center Pool.
Everyone was so happy, my friends and my best friend's mom. It seemed like such a special moment.

I faced my fear.

It's your turn....