The Golden

Meet Buddy Bear, AKA Big Head, Biggie, Bud or Bear-Bear! We adopted Bud from RAGOM -  Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota which is rescue organization dedicated to saving Golden Retriever's from shelters and off the street into foster homes so they can be adopted.

My husband and I looked at every breed, researched and really thought through what would be the right breed for us. We went to the Human Society, and a couple local shelters along with looking on Pet Finder. We went to a RAGOM event at Petco and kind of fell in love with the personality of the golden retriever's.

So, we started the process of adoption (which is sort of like adopting a kid, they literally interview you, come to your home...etc.)

When we went to meet Bud at his foster home he was MUCH bigger (80 lbs, we were thinking 65 lbs) than we were anticipating! It was pretty much love at first sight for me, I didn't care about his size. Two days later he was ours and running around the house! Bud was 4 years old when we got him in February 2010. 

I grew up with a Lhasa Apso and 2 miniature wiener dogs. So I had never had a big dog, but WOW I was/and still am BLOWN away at how sweet, and gentle and loving Bud is. People always say "Golden's are humans with 4 legs!" And it's so true!
He has become such a special part of our lives. We love to spoil him and give him the 'golden life.' He goes on long walks daily. Car rides with his head out the sunroof are a MUST in the summer, doggie play dates, playing catch, going on boat rides. He loves to go on vacation with us up north and to his grandparents cabin. He loves hiking, the dog park, playing keep away and making us happy. He is our gift from God, I'm not sure how we got sooooo lucky!

Bud has be such an inspiration and happy part of my life! He is featured a lot here on the blog! He's my adventure companion, and has inspired lots of Illustrations, which I have now turned into greeting cards! I give 10% of all of my art profits back to RAGOM! I go onto their website and only wish I could adopt them all!

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