Monday, November 19, 2012

Update From the Art Room

Here's one of my latest paintings I'm working on. As you can sort of see in the pic I have a picture sitting on my table that i was looking at for reference. It's a sweet picture of some moss I took in Ely... it can actually be found on this post!
The process of painting is a p r o c e s s! Sometimes it comes so easily sometimes it takes work, take patience, takes practice.

I'm not 100% happy with this piece yet... I just keep working it and re-working it adding more and more layer. They are all so individual, telling a story of my days, my life. I recently read something... it related our life's being like a puzzle and sometimes you have that piece that doesn't quite work... that one that seems like it won't fit. But it takes putting together that entire puzzle to figure out WHERE that last piece fits!
That's kind of how I feel about the "moss" painting. 

In other news
This is my new easel




omg, omg, omg!

I feel so blessed to have this beauty! My husband bought this for me for my Birthday/Wedding Anniversary present back in July but it just made it home because I had to get a truck to get the thing home from Duluth. The cool thing is, an artist friend made it too! Best presents ever!

Really need to go buy some big canvases now!

Captured these while painting...

love the drips!

OHHHHH and did I mention I'm on Instagram now!
I am so flipping excited!

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Much love,

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