Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Back!

The north woods was calling me... yep-yep it was!
And when nature calls... I always take it's call and answer! I may hate to answer my cell phone but nature... I'll answer that call any day, anytime.

I spent a week in the woods! In Ely, Minnesota!
Saw so much wildlife and beauty. We went canoeing, cooked, laughed, made campfires, went fishing, relaxed, played in the sun, walked the dog, hiked...did a little sketching, read Heaven is for Real (LOVED IT!) It was very inspiring trip. I feel like I'm still kind of playing catch up from the trip. I felt nervous to blog... like I couldn't do it. Kinda weird.
I started reading Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper and it's been really encouraging. I've never considered myself a writer so I didn't really think I was "worthy" of having a blog and have others read my writing. But I was so inspired by other blogs that I felt I did have something to share maybe!? This blog has been so rewarding, reading comments, finding new artists and friends, the camaraderie from other artists is so fun! I've been really encouraged with my illustration and painting so THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I appreciate your comments and feedback! Thank you for joining me on this journey!
I missed checking my friends' blogs, so I'm kind of playing catch up on those too!

Summer has gone by so quickly this year. Tomorrow it's gonna get pretty hot I hear but it's been a little on the cooler side, which is nice because July was pretty much unbearable! I can feel the fall in the air already. A week and half and it's already September. WOW. Where does the time go? I'm excited to get back on a schedule... the summer has been crazy busy with lots of fun stuff! I'm back from summer vacation, writing, blogging, reading, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning oh yea and exercising I am so sore right now from running and yoga! I'm ready to plan the next vacation! I can look at these pics and feel the simple peace and forget for just a minute about my "To Do" list.
Hope you can do the same! Escape the list for just a minute today and take some time to do something for you!

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