Friday, July 26, 2013

The Cabin - CAPTURED!

Where has the summer gone? Somehow July is almost over! These pictures were taken over the Forth of July up north near Itasca State Park and at my in-laws cabin. Such a beautiful place. With only 3 short months of summer I treasure every weekend I get to sneak away to Duluth or the north woods - thought I would share with you a few of my favorites! 

Fishing on the lake as the sunset, doesn't get any better!

There is beauty everywhere... even the old Evinrude, and boat with moss growing on the side is perfect to me!

I typically wake up early before anyone else... go on walks, take pictures, paint and finding stunning little masterpieces like this one! WOW!
The call of the loon is just so beautiful, growing up going camping this sound is like the most soothing sound to my ears - magic I tell ya! The colors on these birds are just stunning! I took a million photos of loons - I think I know what my next painting will be!

 Where do you go to get inspired this time of year?

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