Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finish It.

It's funny I was working on a collage of photos from a recent girls weekend. I was thinking... I'm done with this for the night... it's not finished but it needs something and I'm not sure what. I drifted out into the interwebs and popped over to my favorite blog.

And read this.


Wow. JUST the whisper and push I needed.

Thank you universe.

Happy tears over here.

I write blog posts in my head, but I never actually write them down. I write posts in blogger, and I never hit publish. I start to over think it - it has to be so good... It's probably not good enough. I start a painting, and I never finish it. I sketch out the cutest illustration, and then I don't add the ink and watercolor. I start designing a logo and abandon it because IT'S NOT PERFECT.

Do you do ever do this?
(Well at least I know Leonie does!)

How good does it feel when we actually finish something?
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so good!
This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now, today.
We are perfect just the way we are.
Finish it.
DO it.
The painting, the post, the photo, the logo.
It's a masterpiece (what you are going to go finish!)

Inspired... I finished the collage!

(Thank you Goddess Leonie!)

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