Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sweet Sunday - Happy New Year!

  Sweet Sunday! This Sunday is extra sweet because there are 2 more days to the weekend! Whoohoo! The holidays have come and gone, and although they were fun they were also a little crazy. We threw a huge party and I just didn't get to baking and candy making. I barely bought all the presents, so to be honest I am sort of happy they are over - 6 events in 4 days was enough for me.
  I am looking forward to creating some new canvases I bought with Christmas money, and a fresh start. I miss my art. I worked on this sweet little piece this month but didn't actually get them printed in time for Christmas so I am going to use some for Thank-you cards. I think I'll work on planning out 2013, creating a vision board and my goals!

I'm celebrating Sweet Sunday over at Diana's blog...but I just went to create the link and realized it's supposed to be Sweet Saturday! Ahhhh, I can only laugh! I'm sort of screwed up on days... anyone else? Diana is a favorite illustrator/blogger of mine since I started blogging!

Hope your Sunday is super sweet! (and hope your Saturday was too!)
Happy New Year,


  1. This piece is absolutely darling. I love everything in this one. I also love how you created your snow. Adore the birds in the air with the little flags. :)

  2. love this painting, it's so bright and cheerful, it makes me happy just to look at it!