Thursday, February 7, 2013

Instagram Takes Over

My year so far has been amazing... 
I CAN NOT believe I haven't had blogged ONE TIME!
So Bad!
I think my followers (if I have any left) think I fell off the face of the planet!

I LOVE, LOVE, photography and I really feel like Instagram has changed my blogging habits. I got a smart phone at the end of last year and it's not really convenient to blog on a phone and I typically just don't pull out my computer at night! I miss this space though! It's not going anywhere!
I'm back! I'm back!

So since I was too busy Instagraming....I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite Instagram pics that I've taken this year!! 

We opened the year with relaxation, family, and lots of snuggling up by the fire. We bought a load of firewood which  was something we have wanted to so since we owned our house. I just love it. It's romantic, and soothing, relaxing.

Here's my best friend... keeping me company on the bed (so bad I know) He typically doesn't even like to jump up on the bed anymore he's 7 now! I can't believe we've had him for 3 years now this February!

The best dog I've ever had!
Nick name: Sweet Sweet

In the winter we send a lot of time at the dog park! It's happy hour for the dogs and the people. 
 I can walk of my work day and, get some fresh air AND get some nature in, while buddy gets a ton of exercise! It's a win win for us both!

This was a spontaneous big one for us! We bought a new car. It's green, and it's a little mini SUV thing, and I love it. It's my first ever brand new car!

Room for dogs, future kids and all my art supplies! I'm happy.

My moms friend got sick with the flu so
I by chance got invited to Priscilla at the Orpheum Theatre.

So funny! Beautiful costumes!

My husband and I went to Ike's for breakfast in downtown Minneapolis.
One of my goals for 2013 is to try lots of new restaurants!
Most amazing Bloody Mary Ever!

One night my mom and spontaneously stopped at the Eastman Nature Center and saw this big guy from the glass windows inside the Nature Center!

My paintings are up for 3 months at the local Dunn Brothers in Maple Grove!
I am over the moon phyced and excited!!

I am in charge of a new program at the Maple Grove At Center called The Business of Art... this program gets art into local businesses!!

Another amazing
sunset at the 
dog park!

My word for the year is CREATE. Even though I'm an artist and graphic designer my goal is make time to do something CREATIVE every day! Maybe it's sketching, blogging, painting. Something creative!

I painted a canvas Valentine's Day banner!

Working on lots of new canvases!

Ice fishing with my dad on Bass Lake!

Capturing the beauty on Bass Lake...
While we were out on the lake it snowed a couple of beautiful white fluffy inches!
This really inspired me!

Adding Luscious layers to my canvases!

Really loving this canvas! 
So dreamy!

What's your favorite thing to Instagram!?!?

Oh ya... did I mention you can follow me on Instagram at: Cre8tiveQueenNat

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