Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter at the cabin

We had a weekend away and although it was a very short weekend, the views were inspiring and revitalizing. I think nature has a way of doing that. I'm not sure how you could look be surrounded by this kind of beauty and not relax a little more and have that beauty seep into your spirit and soul.

We visited Itasca State Park, where we drove around and explored... saw about 20 deer. We went right at sunset so it was perfect.We took the snowmobile for a couple of rides, cooked and just relaxed...winter at our cabin is winter camping! No water and outhouse!

I hope some of these shots will inspire some new paintings!

How do you you stay inspired in the winter?

Buddy watching his dad take off on the snowmobile!

One of grandpa's 
MANY bird houses!

Get outside even in the winter!

You never know what beautiful things out in nature you might find!


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