Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finding more

Like the crashing waves of lake superior... I feel huge waves of gratitude swelling up inside me and spill over onto the rocks of this fricking amazing thing called life.

I spent a weekend with my 2 loves at our favorite place on the Gunflint Trail. Coming home was hard. Hard because of my husband's work schedule, our time together is just too precious. I hated to see it end. I felt like a kid who doesn't want Christmas to be over. The love of family gathering at Christmas is one of my favorite childhood memories, I was always sad when the holiday was over.

Gratitude became crystal clear when I made time and space for it.

Clutter clearing... time away.

The north shore and north woods have a way of soothing the soul.

It moves me.

Captivates me... and draws me in.

This is my getaway.

This is my place of peace.

Where the blue water meets the blue sky.

The distractions melt away.

The stress melts away...

and all I can see is beauty all around me.

It washes over 
and through me.

This is heaven 
here on earth.

I can't get enough of it.

Even just looking at the pictures brings me to tears.

It's home.




There is so much
beauty here.

So, so much.

I see with new eyes.

The sounds are magnified and so close.

And my heart opens up wide.

Here is a peek into the woods (and water) I love so much...

Time to stop, time to slow down, shut off the distractions and 
let in the light!

Time to drift into our own thoughts.

Dream dreams. Remember why we are here. Stop and realize our life here is so precious.
SO important.

My hope and prayer is that everyone would find their place of magic, inspiration and joy and the time and space to find gratitude and beauty.

Because you deserve it. Believe it.

This beautiful world is calling you... to find her-find it, and find yourself while your there. 


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