Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Dreams

I  d r e a m  of  living  in  Duluth.... never been? Say it isn't so! 

Big dreams people... big dreams!

 It moves my heart, it feels like home to me. I am captivated and at ease. I feel alive. This is where I was born to be.... with the water, and the trees. I am in love with the beautiful views, the air, the blue, the waves, the rocks. I take it all in savoring each and every second. I want it to be cherished forever, to be with me always. I want to hold on to it and never let it go. Capture it mind and in my soul. 

 It moves me to tears. It feels like home to me.

I dream of breaking the mold I was so sculpted to fit into... To live the artist’s dream. 
To be BRAVE. To take a RISK and fly.




Take a leap of faith...

Make art, take photos, open my own business....

I feel so much joy and happiness in Duluth. I have to say it, it would be a dream come true to live or have a lake home there. There is such a community of artists there... it is just so inspiring! It's so hard to come home. Because it feels like home there. Yes, winter would be tough, really tough! Since summer is really only probably 2 months (July and August) for them. Could I make the most of it? Really into winter sports? Photograph the blizzards? Buddy, he would pretty much be the happiest dog on the planet, because we would have such access to the parks and beauty and water. And he's a lion people, he hates the heat. But wait, I would miss my mom and dad, and my friends. My best friends! 
It would hard at times. Yes.
I would paint the sunsets, the stars, the water, the boats, the birds, trees and rocks. I would never grow tired of the beauty, I would never take it for granted... I swear! I see the artists' up there that just live for the beauty that the north brings them, the beauty that lake superior is, and I feel that same thing. It's our ocean here in Minnesnowta. It's a dream... I'll keep dreaming.

*Deep Sigh*

What's your biggest dream?
I won't tell anyone if you want me to keep it a secret! =) I'd love to hear...
<3 Nat


  1. I love Duluth too! Steve and I took a trip with his family last fall, and together him and I this summer. We've even talked about, if we get married, doing it in Duluth. It's such a calming place, couldn't agree more!

  2. To make sure my boys know their complete heritage. The Norwegian, the Swedish, the Ojibwa and the Chipewyan parts that make them wonderful.