Saturday, November 5, 2011

On Giving

It's November, and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I feel a definite shift. Warm drinks, slippers, fires in the fireplace, cooking, I want sleep more, and just plain hibernate. With Christmas decorations and gifts already advertised at stores and on TV... it's creeping into my mind slowly. I've even heard some say they've started their shopping, and noticed facebook posts with how many days left until Christmas! My name Natalie means "Christmas child" and I've always LOVED Christmas, the baking, the decorating, the giving, the wrapping, the music, the activities, the family, the food, the parties... whats not to love? Really?! =)
But before I get ahead of myself with the Christmas-holiday-who-biditty-whatty!
I think I want to focus on THANKSGIVING. It seems like everyone's forgotten Thanksgiving. Halloween was Monday and now it seems like it's on to Christmas?
I want to focus on Thanks... and Giving.
I'd like to start some new traditions that focus on these 2 words.
Giving thanks for everything I've been so blessed with.
GIVING. Beyond just your usual giving... (maybe you don't give at all?) 
What can we do to give bigger?
How can we give more?
What would I give if I didn't make any excuses, if there were NO limitations, no restrictions. What would my bigness give? 
It goes beyond money.
You can give your time. There are so many causes, so many organizations, you can virtually support whatever it is you love.
I started volunteering for the organization FREE ARTS. I had never heard of the organization but a friend referred me to it awhile ago, and when I called they were just starting training. So it was as if the stars aligned. It's an organization that works with the local shelters to create art programs for at risk and abused kids and teens.This month I want to give more. I just really feel like the world doesn't go around without giving.
I'm going to really challenge myself to focus on the giving, even more than usual. When we push ourselves to give more than we are used to giving... 
Miracles Happen.
I want to give back, to the community I live in, my friends, to strangers, to the universe, to those in need, to those who are in pain, to kids, to seniors, to animals. 
Give with prayer. Give with my time. Give with my resources. Give with my hands. Give with my heart. Give with my eyes. Give with my junk, ya my junk! (ha ha! I need to clean out my closets) Give my money. Give with my gifts.
Give Light, Give Love, Give Hope.
Can you feel it? Can you give any of these things today?
I bet you can. Look inside yourself, and around you and see where you are being called to give. Ask and it will shown.
Happy Giving!

Love and light,

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  1. A wonderful reminder that we have to appreciate the beauty in our lives and be grateful everyday and also spread that to others.....