Thursday, December 1, 2011

A note to Heaven...

I am always checking out the hippie Goddess Leonie! Mediations, mermaids and love is her life.. and she inspires me. I was on you tube and found this video of hers which I had never seen and after watching this video... I feel the need to write..

I have an amazing great grandmother, her name is Mable - when I was a kid she was Grandma Sam. I knew she was kind and special, a beautiful soul. I was so little when she passed - 3rd grade. I don't remember conversations... just glimpses... her house, her yard, the nursing home she lived in, her smile, her kitchen. I remembered that she loved to cook.
After watching this video I got all teary eyed and thought what a great idea... write her a letter. Wow she would be impressed - that her great grand-daughter was writing the letter on her blog. Does she know what blogs are?

Dear Grandma Sam,
   I miss you, and I didn't even really know you. It wasn't until you came to me in the dream before my wedding that I felt like you were reaching out to me. I was bewildered because I was so young, you didn't know me, I barely remember you. You remembered me? And care about me now - all these years later?
  Not that I ever doubted that those that on the other side couldn't find me, I was just so surprised to see you -to feel you-to HEAR you! You felt so distant because I was so little, and had been so long since I really thought of you. You have given me beautiful 'signs' I have heard your voice, and you continue to find me, and comfort me in hard times. Thank you from the bottom of heart! I call your name, and there you are. I feel your gold angel wings protecting me. Thank you for finding me. Thank you for holding my hand when I am scared and protecting me. I would have never thought I could ever feel this connection with you. 
  There are so many things I wish I knew about you! Little what is your favorite color? What is your favorite food? (There must be food in heaven!) What is your favorite thing to cook and what is your favorite thing to bake? (I assuming your cooking up there) I bet you loved Christmas, from what I have heard about you, you had the biggest heart. My mom misses you to. She told me you were her biggest inspiration. That says a lot. My mom is pretty special too! You should give her a sign you are around.
   My husband just got his first nursing job today! I am so overjoyed and proud. I feel so blessed... so many big things have happened in the last year. I am feeling so thankful these days.
   This year I am going to have Christmas at my house. I am a bit nervous, and hoping I don't get TOO stressed out. You are invited! It's always Christmas Eve at like 6-6:30pm depending on what time church is at.
   I can't wait for the day when we can sit down and talk for hours, I can ask you a million questions about your life. I wish there was a journal, or letters or something that was yours that you have left behind that Grandma Lainey has. I will ask her.
   It makes me want to leave behind a journal for my future family. I want them to know who I was, what I felt, what I did in this life. And the little things... maybe someday I'll have a great grand daughter wondering about me after I'm gone. Life happens so quick doesn't it?
I love you so much!
Hope you are enjoying the season up there! Is there snow?
Your great grand-daughter,
Natalie Ann

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