Monday, May 21, 2012

Life Whispers

Embrace your journey in life, and accept that others have their OWN journey too. 
How do we REALLY do what's best for us? Without the influence of friends and family? How do we really listen to the stillness of our own heart and spirit?
I read this post from Leonie the other day, and it touched me and made me think about life and who we really truly are, where we are meant to go, and who we are meant to be.
Today I was thinking about how so many people, question and judge other people's decisions in life.  They judge the way they live, the way they dress, where they work, what they do, how they raise their kids... on and on and on.
(I have been guilty of this)
And as hard as it may be we need to let others make their own choices - let others be who they are without judging. Just because they don't do it your way or the way you think is right...
it is THEIR journey (let them live it) 
We are all raised a certain way and our wiring may tell us to do things one way, and for others it might be totally different.

But guess what...
That's perfect.
I am embracing this with the biggest open arms EVER!
Because judgement, and worry is a energy sucker, negative, icky, life sucking leech that will suck you dry! *True Story!* 

FREE YOURSELF from any negative feelings you have about anyone/and or their choices.
I know it's hard. It's hard to escape it. It's hard to stand up to others to gossip. It's hard not to judge sometimes. You want the best for them. You want to fix them.

When we focus on what we think is the 'negative' in another pereson, by talking about others (gossiping) - you are putting yourself on a negative frequency.

I know it's hard because SO many people gossip.

Just don't do it.

Walk away. Run.


It's not our place to judge anyone. Don't worry about what that your neighbor does, your co-worker dresses like, or how your friend chooses to live their life, or what your sister does with her kids.

It is their journey, their soul, their life.

You see when we free ourselves from the judgement of others
a beautiful thing happens...

Our own light can SHINE.

It's very freeing to just say it to yourself when judgemental thoughts come into your mind I tell myself
"Free yourself of the judgement!"
And I choose not to...
and I feel lighter.

Just for today or tomorrow - 'Free Yourself' and see you you feel.

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