Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Letting go - to SOAR!

I am trying (it's so hard for me!) to eat Gluten Free, and last night - I caved and ate pizza with my husband. I was sick. Tummy churning, I can't sleep or lay down sick. So I painted from 11pm - 1am! I just showed up in front of the canvas and let the painting tell me what it needed, what colors, what images it wanted... and...

Last night BEFORE I started painting....
This has 5-6 layers (I lost count)?

and then after last night's painting session...

WOW - looks a little different huh? It's not a horizontal painting anymore! And the color palette has changed!

It's still not done yet but I really like where it's going.

I LOVE eagles, they are my good luck charm. They make me smile, they inspire me - you might say they are my totem.
I'm the eagle spotter in the family. I've love to photograph them, spot them, draw them... but I've never painted one. Until now!
We have a eagle center here in MN that is amazing if you haven't been (I posted about it here.)

Letting go on the canvas is so exhilarating... and freeing.
I just let it FLOW. 

Almost without thinking... as you can see within only a couple of hours the piece completely changed!
I was so overjoyed while created this - I was damn near moved to tears.
It felt like the canvas was breathing, coming to life, a part of me.

Some of my photographs from a couple of recent trips - to the cabin and the north shore were my inspiration.
Here's a close up of the rocks section - I'm loving it!

Painting is what I was born to do. 
The eagle symbolizes my creative wings soaring.
Taking flight.
Today I went to yoga and we were asked to set an intention for our practice.
Mine was "Creative Energy"
I instantly had a vision of the eagle I painted.... soaring on the beach... the sky was swirled with a million beautiful colors. I was the eagle, it was so magical.

What is it that lights you up inside?
Do more of that.
Miracles will happen.
Love will bloom.
Wings will soar.


Do you have intention for this day? This night? This week? This life?
Set your intention and focus on that.
Anything is possible!

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