Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Living a Life With Meaning

Hope you all had a great weekend! Here in Minnesota... I think we are all just dieing for a little warmth! On May Day we had little snowflakes all day. My tulips are just on the cusp of opening but closed their heads back in like little turtles. Thankfully the snow didn't stick! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a few nice days soon!
This weekend at church the pastor talked about living a life with meaning. Making a difference, living radically and boldly. He said something that I keep thinking about. 
He said "Don't just let 5 years go by, 10 years go by, 20 years go by." 
When I read this aloud to myself a couple of times, and really think about it, I almost want to tear up. Am I just letting the years go by?
We have to live with passion and take time to do the the things we love. DON'T worry about the pile of dishes or what other are going to think, OR whatever it is that is holding you back. Instead of just thinking about it, or reading about how others are doing it. 
Live the life you dreamed of.
Life happens quick. We blink and the years have gone by.
I'm just new to this whole dreaming big thing, but the Universe likes speed. That is from The Secret and when I heard that, it stuck. Go, if it feels good, go! Twenty years seems like so long to me.. but really!??? TIME DOES GO BY SOOOOOOOOOOO fast! Too fast!
This thought of not letting the years go by has me inspired, a little flame lit inside me. And then last night I was reading "The Conversations from the Local Ice Cream Shop" by Denny Stockholm and felt that same little flame ignite. On Friday I went to an Author Signing at the local coffee shop. Denny came and spoke about his inspirational book and how he made his dream of writing a book come true. How it took over 10 years because he kept putting it aside.
Fear, and just plane NOT knowing holds so many people back. It's held me back. How do I do it? What if I fail? What if I don't know what do to? What if others don't like my work?
It was fun to meet some new people and share our experiences and talk about moving past the "I'm scared stuff."
There are a lot of acronym's in Denny's book... The first one, the first chapter is FAITH.
FAITH stands for Finding Answers In The Heart.
This is another one my mind has been resting on the past couple of days.
So often we already have the answers to what we are seeking. We just need to look within.
Denny had a glow all around him, a big happy smile. Denny looks like Santa Clause, when he told us he was Santa, I thought that was pretty cool! (Cause I still believe!) He has a magic quality that I always knew Santa would have. Bright, kind-hearted, jolly and the perfect beard!

In the book there are prompts at the end of every chapter. After his chapter on Dreams (Defining Reality Eventually Achieves My Dreams) you are asked to write out your wildest dreams. All of them, no matter when they were in your life, no matter how crazy. Then from that list narrow down your top 5-10 dreams you want to focus on right now.
Here's my 5 biggest dreams right now:
1. Open an Etsy account with my art!
2. Create my own greeting card line!
3. Travel to all the Minnesota State Parks!
4. Save up enough money for a pop-up camper!!
5. Write and Illustrate my own Children's book!!

PLEASE take 10 minutes today and do this for yourself!
I'd love to hear what your biggest, wildest, scariest dreams are. Be brave and share! =)

I highly recommend Denny's book! At the end of every chapter he has prompts to getting you thinking about the topics, I really like that! You can find out more about him and book here on his website! On his website he also has a FREE newsletter you can sign up for! PLUS check out the contest he is having... you could WIN HIS BOOK!

Go. Live a life with meaning today. Make it all count.

Here is an update on my last Illustration Friday drawing...

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  1. i agree, life moves so quickly we don't even realize how many years has passed by us and have we lived the way we want it to be? good luck with pursuing your dreams. :)
    anyway, thanks for visiting my blog!