Monday, May 16, 2011


Happy Monday! 
Sometimes I need a gentle reminder that I'm awesome! Negative people around you? Stress from family? Deadlines at work? Busy with life? Overwhelmed at all?
Posting an affirmation at your desk, it your kitchen, in your bathroom on the mirror, or even carry it in your purse or pocket ...can do wonders! 

Here's my affirmation for you today...
YOU WERE BORN to SHINE and make WAVES in this world!

Final! You were Born to SHINE!!!
Phase one - I liked it vertical.
One of my favorite blog and artists is Michelle Allen. LOVE her stuff, bought a couple clocks as gifts and just LOVE her style. When she paints she will often layer and cover up parts of her painting.

I didn't think I would be brave enough to do that.
(what was I thinking anyway?)

This weekend I cranked out a couple of paintings... gold light flowed from my heart to canvas! It felt so good. On this painting I just felt what I painted to too much (it's only an 8x10 canvas), it wasn't done. I had no idea what I was going to do to change it! And I just went for it! AND PAINTED OVER! I was afraid I was going to end up scrapping the whole painting cause I've tried doing covering things up in other paintings and never liked it.

I'm actually very pleased with the turn out of this one! I like the texture it gives the waves!

Sometimes taking that leap turns into something beautiful and unexpected!

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  1. such great pieces!! i like the vertical one also! love the colors you chose - vibrant and fun!