Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

 Hope you all had a great long weekend and a nice memorial day! It's the official, unofficial start to summer! YEA! I've had my hubby on my mind, he has been at his annual training for National Guard for the past 2 weeks. My husband is an Iraq vet, he served there as a Medic there for 22 months. I'm so excited I got the phone call this morning, he's on his way home from training! Tonight we will relax with dog, get some good food and celebrate him for Memorial day. There have been a lot of hills and valleys we've climbed together. His journey with the guard will be over at the end of this year (December) and he will NOT be deployed again! YEA!! And really it's SO bitter sweet for me! I've been thinking a lot about it while he's been gone. The army is such a part of my husband so it will be really hard to let that go. It's been such a part of our relationship. I'm sad and happy to see it go. Happy that we will have a little more freedom in our schedule and maybe start a family! I know how hard it is to have a family member at war. My love and prayers go out to all the family members who have/know a soldier at war, who have/know a soldier at home struggling with the after affects of war and for those families who lost someone at war. I lost a high school friend in the Iraq war and it's so hard. I am forever grateful for all the brave men and women who are out there are on the front lines for us!
This was my hubby back in 2007 in Iraq


  1. We always celebrate memorial day - back in Russia and here in Canada. We should remember our real heroes.
    It is such a wonderful news about your husband. I am so happy for you! :)