Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Day Inspiration

To be inspired we must be IN SPIRIT. When I fist heard this... it made so much sense. I read about it in one Dr.Wayne Dyer's books... Check out his website here for some inspiration. I LOVE IT. Both yesterday and today I seemed to be tapped into spirit! The chocolate sprinkle donut... what's not to be inspired by? This morning I woke up early with an urge to paint. Probably because I was up all night working on wire! It feels like this force with in me.. that can't be stopped! =) And it feels good... so I'm goin' with it! I made homemade Valentine's with some Artist Trading Cards! When I bought them awhile ago I didn't know what I was going to use them for... until this morning!

I also made some little mini canvases... and stuck magnets on the back!

Here is the wire heart I created last night... I learned how to do wire art from the beautiful artist Jen at Bird From A Wire

And wrapped it up for a sweet made from heart/hands - Valentine's gift!

What are you making for Valentines day? Cookies? Cards? Cake?


  1. I just love all the stuff you do...So excited to see your blog. I am not an artist, but am enjoying living through you!