Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deer Watch

I love getting out in Nature, back to the source. I can get re-energized, find peace, find inspiration and happiness. On Saturday I went to Elm Creek Park Reserve and found all those things. It was wonderful. On the way home from the Nature Center's Deer Watch we saw more deer (a buck even!!) he was too sneaky for me to get a shot of but it was so much fun to see these beautiful deer playing in the sunset.
What's your favorite animal to see in Nature?

I guess my favorite might have to be an eagle with deer and a loon coming in at a close second. (Yes, I'm a tired and true Minnesota girl) I get all gitty and excited like a 5 year old when I see wildlife in nature!

What animal makes you squeal out in the car "Look, Look it's a ______________!!!" I'd really like to incorporate more animals into my artwork. Do you have a favorite animal you incorporate into your art or like to photograph? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. your deer sketch is fabulous. have you seen alisa burke's sketches where she adds the watercolor? you might enjoy them. :) happy creating!