Monday, February 7, 2011

Relying on INTUITION

I had an inspiring weekend... stirring up my living room! The sun didn't show it's face all weekend and I needed to re-energize my living space. It was like making a recipe... a little of this, a little of that... simmer over lighting, add new paintings.... and FINALLY a room I love! I love when I get a recipe right... it's the best feeling.

I am a newbie home owner, and picking the colors of my house was so much fun! But decorating the rooms was a different story. Don't get me wrong... I'm an artist/Graphic Designer and have a great eye for color... but I never really put my heart into decorating each room with heart. Sort of because I thought I wasn't that great at it, and sort of because I didn't think I had the time. Our one living room has no TV so we never spend any time in it. How sad is that statement? But it's true. If I'm not watching the tube I'm in my art room or the cooking in the kitchen. The only times the room is ever really used is when we have parties... which isn't too often with my husband's crazy busy schedule. Our living room with the TV has a fireplace & is super cozy so that's my main relaxation spot in the winter.

I want to spend time in the room with NO TV though... I want to change that statement I just typed above. I wanted to love both of our living rooms! It was so boring, no pop, sort of dark, and uninviting.

So I decided to rely on my INTUITION when it came to re-doing this room. Instead of the things that sounded like they would work.... like look for ideas in magazines, or going out to buy new.
I just used what I already had, and re-arranged things in a way that felt good to me.
I ended up...
• Rearranged paintings from other rooms - A painting swap!
• Hung up some new prints that are new/old (just hadn't time to hang them up yet!)
• Re-arranged furniture/ lamps
• Added my book shelf from my other living room
• Added my photo collage suitcase on to my nightstand from my bedroom (the suitcase collage was sitting on the floor in the kitchen-um hello!) and I don't have a night stand
• Re-arranged items on my hutch and added some old mini paintings for color POP!
• Changed out a couple of photos in frames• Added photos to some photo coasters I got as a gift awhile ago• I think that giant ball of orange love makes a great rug too

The results... BLISS!
What do you do to re-energize your environment? I think our environments have such an impact on our mood. Surrounding ourselves with things that make us happy is so important!
GO... Re-arrange your bedroom, your office... try your intuition this time... it might just work!
My NEXT re-do project: Master bedroom

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  1. That is SO COOL! I love how you made do with what you had and I have to say that green on the walls is beautiful. Oh, and the suitcase collage is a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!!