Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello Blog World!

Hello Blog World! Today is the day... I took a leap of faith! And landed somewhere out there in the internet world! (It's kind of big and scary!) Hi, I'm Natalie. I've grown up in Minnesota my entire life, the cold gets a little sickening but I love the seasons! I'm a Graphic Designer, color freak, tree hugger, life lover and all around artist! My main gig is painting but I love collage, sculpture, jewelry, drawing, scrapping, photography... just about everything! I love experimenting with new mediums.
I've found so many beautiful blogs that I follow and would like to get my feet wet and join in on the fun! I've been busy with life the past couple of years and my art had taken a back seat. Join me on my journey as I search for the artist that's deep within me, as I seek to find inspiration in the world around me, and chase dreams! I've done so many creative projects this year... it's really exciting. I joined the Goddess Circle and the beautiful Leonie has inspired me with her e-courses to dream big! I am taking the Creative Goddess e-course and I LOVE IT! I'm am trying to exercise my creativity at least a couple of times a week and it just feels so good to finally be back at it!
Here is a sketch I did today of my nearest and dearest love! Buddy Bear! My husband and I adopted this giant ball of orange love about a year ago on V-day! For the first time ever I got him a bone from the meat market.... he was in heaven.... now he's pooped out!


  1. Yay! Not only is it cool that you've taken this leap but it's actually really well done too! :) Your blog looks awesome and I LOVE this first post. You go girl!!!

  2. congratulations on your new blog! and welcome :)