Friday, February 18, 2011

Love in a cookie

I have been struggling with a blog post about what’s been inspiring me this week. What to share with you? What to blog about? Yesterday was the first day I went into my “Art Room” to create. I did create a cool logo this week at work... I thought I could share. But then this morning I spotted an eagle 2 blocks away from my house on the way to work. It’s good luck. It’s inspiration. Oh, Happy Friday! But then it gets better... For my morning snack at work... I find love in a cookie. On Valentine’s Day I went out to dinner with my parent’s because my Valentine had to work. We celebrated last weekend at the Valentine’s Event at Gale Woods Farm. It was magical... Stars, laughs, s'mores, a carriage ride, wine, good food... One for the books.
But on with my story.

I really wanted to visit my grandma on V-day I made a rose bouquet for her that I wanted to give her and I wanted to express my love for her. I really, really admire this woman. She’s caring. So caring. So giving. So loving. In a way I never understood as a child. Something I’ve only grown to appreciate and understand now that I’m all “grown up.” (I don't EVER want to grow up by the way!) We visited with my grandma, shared how we were doing, it was so nice. Before we left my grandma gave me some molasses cookies she made. “They are better with coffee or tea, I think I let them cook a little too long” She told me with a smile. I hadn't tried them all week. But this morning I tried one with my Tazo awake tea... And wasn’t expecting too much. But. There it was.



A tidal wave of grandma’s love washed over me.
Not only was the cookie delicous... through the cookie her love had touched me!
Happy smiles over here today!
She is my inspiration.
What inspired you this week? Do you struggle to find inspiration?

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