Thursday, March 24, 2011


Is there something you have on that "To Do List" that you've always wanted to do? I'm trying to work on my list of dreams for this year! And last weekend I had a chance to make one happen! Have you ever had the chance to swim with the dolphins, swim with the stingrays, or soar with eagles? OK, how cool would that be to be like in one of my favorite Disney movies... and hop on and RIDE AN EAGLE!If could be either a fish or bird.. I would definitely choose bird!
So the closest thing I can get to really soaring with the eagles would be heading to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minnesota. March is their busiest time there as the eagles are migrating, and there are HUNDREDS! I can't believe how many I saw. As a child seeing a nest with a mama and baby eaglets was the highlight of my summer! But this many all in one trip... I was blown away!

 There wingspan is HUGE!! The eagles here in Minnesota can have a wingspan of 6-9 feet! There bones are super light... they are kind of like a big kite, that's how they soar so beautifully!

 Four eagles all in one shot!
 If you have never been it is definitely worth the trip! But my challenge for you is... pick something off your dream list and do it! If it's too big of a dream.. break it down with goals that will get you there!
Happy Soaring today friends!

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