Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being pulled in every direction

  Recently my close friend and mentor asked me "Nat you have so many artistic interests pulling you in every direction... which is your favorite? Which is the one you would really focus on if you could do it all day everyday?" Without hesitation it would be "Hands down - painting" I said. But the more I thought about it... I thought maybe I'm a "colorist?" Is there such a thing? I love getting lost in color and texture! Whether I'm making a painting, capturing a photograph or making a piece of jewelry. I just LOVE COLOR!  I kept thinking about that question she asked me...
  I think I answered painting as my favorite because of the way painting makes me feel. As I child I would draw, and draw and draw. Copy anything I could get my hands, I learned proportion. Every time we would go to the library I would head right to the the small little section they had on crafts & art... and I would collect as many books as I could carry on drawing. And then in high school I took Painting 1, and I fell... and I mean fell hard for painting! It was love at first stroke. It was like a fire inside me that was always there was burning bright, wild and true!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!! It felt so good. So I kept going... all I wanted to do was paint, I focused on it, like when I was kid and all I did was draw. It was like that first love I had, when drawing was all I wanted to do. I was making paintings for my boyfriend, my friends, my grandparents, I just kept painting, and painting. I was just so excited and proud of the progress I was seeing... it was that SAME feeling I got as a child when my drawing skills were progressing.

  So here we are  back at this whole idea of picking one thing. Could I ever really just do one medium for... FOREVER? Be a master at one thing? To tell you the truth it has sort of bothered me from time to time that I'm all over the board. If I did pick just one thing, would I master that one thing? Like I did as a kid with the drawing or like I did with the painting in high school?

  I've worked with glass, metals, paper, canvas, watercolor, oil, acrylic, oil crayons, pastels, charcoal, fabrics, beads, clay, cameras and recently I'm falling back in love with the most basic of all.. drawing! And in reality all day, every day I do Graphic Design as a living. Is your head spinning yet?
 So the past few days I've been all over the board as usual...being pulled in every direction, in a good way.

Capturing photos on Sunday

These 2 cuties were just a few blocks from my house!!

Making jewelry for a gift...

Painting early this morning!
What about you? We all work differently... do you like having more than one medium that you can dip into?

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  1. Love everything you do- and I truly believe it's ok to be all over the board with our interests. They each enrich the others. My wire work got better after I spent a few years doing floral design. It was time spent composing in 3d. Don't pick- just enjoy and if you find yourself wanting to work with the same technique or medium more often then others go with it but don't restrict yourself if you don't want to. :) xoxo