Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Creative Awareness

It seems everywhere I go and every blog I read the past week has been about getting un-stuck and moving through the "I think I cant's". I must not be the only one who ponders this! We are all looking for the next creative wave! I love how Goddess Leonie talked about the wild donkey... you can check that post out here. When will it come? I've been thinking about this as well. Sometimes creativity comes knocking, sometimes we have to knock at that door and pry it open. Allowing ourselves the time, and space to express ourselves and find it. I've been neglecting my Creative e-course, and after I jumped back in last night I can tell that by not giving myself that time, that time to create, the time to be me... I thought I was stuck. But was I? I read on my friend's blog post about the excuse list. Ah! Yes Jennifer I have that list too! It seemed all those posts I was reading were for a reason when I read last night from 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women. I started this book a year ago and put it down in the crazy busy time of planning my wedding but decided to pick it back up. It's like it was calling my name! The part I was reading last night talked about how a lot of women feel they couldn't have created when their children were young, some did find it their most inspiring time. But most feel these obligations... this list... this feeling like we shouldn't and can't be selfish. I'm not a mom yet but I already think about this struggle a little from time to time. As I do have big creative dreams! =) I'm trying to not get ahead of myself but... I do.

Here is a quote from the book...
"The self is the conduit of creative energy. Thus, in order to birth creative awareness, self-focus is an essential state of mind. The creative process is a dance between the self and a medium; therefore, the self must be free for immersion in the sensations and the steps."

WOW! Creating that balance, when one decides to me a mom and artist, must be a balancing act! Bravo to the moms doing it! I know a few! Self-focus is hard. But necessary. It's not 'normal.' It really makes so much sense though. Whatever it is on our list that is keeping us busy... kids, work, family, chores... we have be selfish as an artist! For some this is a new concept! For me creating is essential, as I know it is for so many other artists as well. When we create we feel alive. It's a part of who we are. It's within us. 

This other part I read really hits home as becasue I think as women we often feel like we need care for everyone and everything on that list first.

"To achieve creatively, we must shift our other orientation into communication with self. One way to to do this to put yourself on the list of people you are committed to support. You are probably great at nurturing others-don't you deserve the same quality care from yourself? Your creativity has to be a priority for you before anyone else will take you seriously."

There is another great book I've read on this topic, my mentor gave it to me. It's called Art and Fear that hits home on why we aren't creating too. I LOVE THIS BOOK! (I think I need to read it again!)
We can live artfully as artists through the everyday things we do like cooking, chores, walking the dog or caring for others but let's make it happen. We deserve it. Let's create! Let's get messy. Get arty-farty! Get inspired! 
Make the time today. SOAR!

Here's a peek at what I created last night/this morning after working on the creative e-course!

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