Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When it rains it pours...

That's me... the rock... just waiting for the sun to break through. Today gratitude is where I am turning my focus to. Last night I asked God some questions.
WHY? Why is it my friend who has to go through this? My family member who faces the struggles? Why do they have to endure this pain? Why do they have to go through so many valley's? 

Even though it seems so hard to understand why... 
I have to believe this is their journey. They are walking it for a reason. A reason that is not clear now, but will make sense later. Maybe their journey is helping someone else's journey right now. Maybe it is teaching them something that they will need later in life. Maybe their valley... after they get through it - will lead them to helping others in that same valley! When you love someone seeing them in a valley well, just plain sucks. And sometimes it's hard to understand why. It wasn't the road I took, or a road I understand... but it's not my journey, I have to remember that they are meant to walk it. I believe it all happens for reason. As cliche as that sounds.

As I look for road signs to give me some clues to where I am...
I hold on tight to my umbrella.

The wheels are churning and...
I start to think maybe God put them in my life with that problem or valley for me to help them.
Now maybe that sounds like a lot of pressure.
But I have deep love for those in my life who are facing the struggles of life, and when I asked God Why? The answer was...
What can you do right to make a difference in their life
That's when the gratitude hit me like a tidal wave. WOW! I am so grateful, for so many things.
Where do I even begin?
So my answer was...
Love some more.
Spend more time.
Tell them how much I love them.
And tell them more often.
And when all else fails...
Love em' some more.
Love em'.
This is my focus today... loving those close to me who are in the valley's. Take a look at your family or your friends and be that support to someone, be that light, that love... that lifts them up and cheers them on. By being there for someone else you will brighten you own light. 

If you want to cheer yourself up... Cheer someone else up!

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  1. Beautiful post!
    I don't know which is more lovely, you're writing or your art.