Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An evening at the park!

It's beautiful here in Minnesota, and both Buddy and I were cooped up all day... we headed to the park by our house, that we LOVE!
Buddy watching the loons, basking in the sun!

The beautiful moon on the blue sky... that color is just STUNNING!

Buddy hanging out with his grandma in the woods... enjoying the view!

Pussy willow branches I cut for inspiration!

Two loons... one of my favorite birds!

Green buds, about to pop!

Sketch of Bear chasing the ducks!

Pussy willow from sketch book!
And LAST BUT NOT LEAST... I love this pic I took of Bear - had to manipulate it!


  1. Oh Bear - from your adorable mouth to God's ears... I hope he hears your prayers! (I feel the same way!)


  2. When I looked at your pictures of the sky.. the lake.. the woods.. Ahh.. brought me back to my college years in Nebraska :) The pussy willow sketch is so nice. Thanks for sharing them here and btw, thanks for participating in my silly blog contest! hehe..

  3. Lovely spring pics - just love the last one!! Thanks for you visit!