Thursday, April 14, 2011

Illustration Friday!

    I have this little dream... I remember telling the mama of the family I used to nanny for... I want to someday be a Children's Book Illustrator, she wanted to be an author. 
   I did murals for her children's bedrooms; an under water theme, and a butterfly theme. I worked at a childcare center and I babysat for a lot of families so word spread amongst friends and I did started doing canvases in whatever theme they wanted for their kids - I LOVED IT! This was about 8 years ago I was doing all the kid art and canvases. I've always just been a kid at heart, so it was a fitting and fun task! My husband laughs at how much I love kid movies and he sometimes catches me watching Saturday morning cartoons! There is something about Illustration/drawing/cartoons that I've always been drawn to. 
   In 6th grade I wanted to be a Disney Animator. Kind of ironic that I ended up going to school for Animation??! (I switched to Graphic Design because the jobs outlook for animation in Minnesota didn't look too good) No it wasn't ironic, really... I think it is what I was born to do. ( Did I just say/think/type that?!)
I'm serious, I was born to do it. 
That little dream hasn't really been thought about for a VERY LONG time =( 
I stuck in the back of the closet. How could I ever Illustrate a children's book? 

Too unachievable.
Too hard.
Don't know how to do it.
I'm not good enough.

Now.. blog world has gotten me SO, SO freaking excited about this dream again!!! 
I found Kristin's blog, which led me through to a million other blogs... of other artists and Illustrators!!!! Ahhhhh!!! I can't click fast enough! So much to see!

That dream has new found light! 
Thank you universe, thank you Kristin!
My heart is skipping and dancing!

So I've decided to take part in IF... Illustration Friday. You post your Illustration to this cool site and blog about it! Check out the talent! AMAZING! I've decided to start doing this in hopes I will draw more! I wasn't sure what I would draw for this week's theme "Bottled." I've always loved bottles so I thought it would be a bottle in the ocean. Then out of NO WHERE a tidal wave of inspiration came and I feverishly drew this out in minutes! I was so proud of myself I couldn't wait to get home to show my husband and put it up on the fridge!

I'm dreaming bigger than I was a week ago, it's so exciting! Thanks for joining me on my journey!
Hope you have a beautiful weekend,

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