Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Dog-gone Good Friendship!

Thought I'd share a ink and watercolor piece I did over the weekend. I was excited to go to the cabin this past weekend but Buddy could hardly stand the 3.5 hour car ride... Don't get me wrong he loves car rides but 3.5 hours? Not so much. He knew we were going to the cabin which meant... swimming and running free with his cousin Gunther! He waits all year in anticipation just like we do! Gunther is Buddy's cousin and (He is a Wire-hair Pointer) and they have so much fun playing and being wild & crazy boys. On the ride up I sketched out a drawing of the dogs at the cabin, Buddy is on the dock fishing and Gunther is floating on an inner-tube! I used ink and watercolors to finish it! Buddy and Gunther have become good friends - I'm so glad Bud has a playmate and companion he gets along with so well! =)

Adopting Bud has brought so much joy to my life, I think so often he rescued me... not the other way around! Animals are my favorite subject matter whether I am doing realistic or cartoon! 
What's your favorite subject matter?
Lots of love,


  1. that painting is too cute!! we do have a lot in common....i had a golden retriever that passed away last summer at 10...i still miss her! and my husband thinks i am a hippie also!! i get called granola girl a lot!! LOL!

  2. Buddy's lovely and pets are so part of us. I like the fun painting of him. I love your comment on another PPF post about naming your daughter sunshine I wanted to name my daughter Sapphire Only I had three boys lol My family were happy about this me not so much

    Love Dawn xx