Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RAGOM Photo Contest

We rescued our dog Buddy from the organization RAGOM - Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota. Every year the organization puts together a calendar of RAGOM dogs. To get the photos... they hold a contest and you can submit your images! I just entered in our story and images! Thought I would share since these are my favorite images I have of Bud since we got him, a year and half ago.

Buddy’s story:
  My husband I bought a foreclosure with 4 bedrooms, and we work opposite schedules, the house was so empty and quite. I wanted a dog... Badly. We started searching for what kind of dog would be a good fit. We researched, and visited lots of human societies. I knew the perfect dog would come at the perfect time. My husband wanted a golden retriever, I didn’t know anything about goldens, having grown up with small dogs my entire life. We went to a RAGOM event a Petco and met a foster dad who had just lost his golden of 13+ years. The man started crying and said if your lucky enough to old a golden your pretty lucky. I started balling with the guy, my husband and I were so touched! I held a baby golden there and I wanted one! We fell in love with the breed, and I started stalking the website. I found Buddy and he was just so cute! His foster family happened to live our city, what are the chances?! We went to meet Buddy and I was done for. I believe Buddy rescued me. I needed him. I kept envisioning and dreaming about the beautiful gold paw that would come to the side of the bed and paw, paw, paw. And now we have him! (and he really does that!) Buddy loves going to his grandparents cabin near Itasca State park, where he runs around with his cousin Gunther a German wire-haired Pointer. Buddy also loves squeaky tennis balls, swimming, fishing, hiking, walking, the dog park, road trips, the beach and of course good food, friends and family! He has brought us so much joy! I can’t imagine life without him. He was the ‘best dog’ in our wedding, and even went on our honeymoon! He is living the golden life now, as they all should be!

Keep your fingers crossed Bud makes his big depute in the 2012 Calendar!
Much Love,

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