Monday, June 6, 2011

Obsessed & In Luv: GREEEEN!

This weekend while my husband and father in law did construction on the cabin I played in the woods, and took in all in. I laid out in the sun, relaxed, cooked for them, painted, went on walks, nature spotted, went fishing and enjoyed life up north in the woods! My spirit feels revived, and I'm just so happy and inspired. I feel so blessed to have a place like this to visit.
This weekend was much needed for me, and much needed for my in-laws. Yea they got a big project completed! Their goal for this summer is to get their cabin 'winter ready' with insulation and walls up so we can all enjoy their place in the winter too! 

I'm quite obsessed with the color green, and this weekend, I was surrounded by everything green! It was so beautiful! The woods had a lush layer of moss covering the ground and the trees were just stunning! I love how in the pic above the pines look like they are dancing!
Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!

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