Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding Joy

Want more sunshine in you life? More joy?

When was the last time you filled up? (not coffee silly)

You are a seed that has been planted on this 
earth for a reason!

Without sunshine, and frequent watering we can’t expect to grow.... So time to FILL UP!

What is it that makes your beautiful heart light up?
 Seek that - Do more of that!
Pray. Meditate. Move. Walk. Dance. Smile. Sing. Create.

If you don't know what makes your heart sing... time to find out! Be still. Be outside. Be present. Be thankful.
And you will flourish - I promise!

The sun is shining down on you today!


  1. You make me want to watch Disney's Pocahontas over and over like we used to when we were kids. Your heart is big enough to fill everyone up.

  2. Yes...Get outside, stretch...oooooo how nice...this is a cute little book..InSPiratiONAl!!