Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making time for YOUR passion!

You know all those things you wish you could have time for?
Those things you used to do?
Always wanted to do....
You know all that list of things you will do when you have the money?
When your kids grow up?
When you get your dream job?
When you finally finish your house?
When your sister gets better...

Just flippin do it!
YOU DESERVE the time for your passions and your dream list. You do.
I have to tell you this because I have a feeling your like me... and life gets crazy, work, family, kids, pets, to-do lists, house projects.

Two simple reasons to take the time....
1. You were born to do it!
2. It will light YOU UP... and light up everything else in your life.

It's been four weeks since I picked up my paint brush...
I've had nothing to do with my camera...
And it hurts.
I'm so excited that my big deadlines are over and my work schedule will sort of go back to normal.
I feel like my creative spirit came surging back today!
I gave myself some breathing air.
The weight lifted.
I felt something bubbling up inside me.
Nervous and scared to paint...
I headed up to my art room. 
To a canvas I thought was ugly (cause it was.. kinda in the awkward teenager stage)
and it just 
came alive...
Tears were there... mystery and beauty overflowed and fear melted away.
There it was...I am overwhelmed with happiness!


Making time for your passions is not easy.
But once you do it.. it gets easier the next time. And you remember how amazing it feels. How it can change all areas of your life.

Make time for dreams or time will disappear and your dreams will fade away.

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