Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Fun!

I'm Back! I enjoyed a long weekend up north for the fourth of July! It went so quickly, it was filled with fishing and swimming, family, good food, campfires, nature spotting, fireworks, and painting every morning on the dock! Can I go back please? Fourth of July weekend is summer at it's finest, I always look forward to it. Here are my 10 pics from the long weekend!

 1. Discovering new things!
 2. Crappie Fishing!
 3. Inspiration landing on the canvas I'm painting!
 4. Inspiration landing on a branch right next to our boat! 2 EAGLES!
 5. Ladyslipper on the lake!
 6. Baby Loons - SQUEEEEZE!
 7. Sunset with my 2 best guys - Kell and Bud!
 8. Watching my brother-in-law Neil jump off the bridge!
 9. Turkey spottin'! Never have I seen this many babies!
 10. Boat rides with a wet golden!

1 comment:

  1. wow, now thats a jam packed day,, beautiful photos,, everyone,, I've never seen baby turkeys before ,, lovely photos,, thanks so much for sharing these,