Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Year!

One year ago, I married the man of my dreams under the towering pines of the Preachers
Grove in Itasca State Park. Last night we had the most amazing romantic dinner together to celebrate. Today I am remembering how far we come in this life together. Today life seems so big and special, and not long enough. I feel so blessed!
Love really does conquer all.

I had most amazing photographer in the WORLD! Spencer Combs 
He travels anywhere, and is truly passionate about what he does!
(Oh, and also got voted best photographer by MN Bride magazine!)


  1. And I hope you have many many more!

  2. congratulations on your first year. that was the hardest one for my husband and i. that was over 18 years ago. LOVE the pics, especially the one of the two of you on the tandem. super cool!