Monday, October 24, 2011

What do you like?

I found this video while ago and I may have even mentioned it before but it was brought to my attention again through the World's Biggest Summit!
It's SUCH a great reminder to focus on the good, and it'll make you smile!
So here's your assignment for the week! (It's super easy I promise!)
I want you to start your day off each morning this week focusing on all the things you like! Cheese city? It really works, I promise!
Do it before you start receiving message on your phone, from the TV, emails and every other source - your family, your co-workers, whatever and whoever! As a society we are constantly bombarded with NEGATIVE crap. And by starting your day with positive things I think we can change our attitudes!
Laugh at yourself, seriously, it's fun!
Don't want to scream it at the mirror? Think of everything you LIKE while you are taking a shower...
Here goes...
I like my house! I like my husband! I like my family! I like my dog! I like my hats! I like my coats! I like my art room! I like my art supplies! I like my backyard! I like the park by my house! I like to walk the dog! I like the outdoors! I like to hug trees! I like life! I like my car! 

Okay... so that's everything? You're out of things to like?

No way! Keep going, go deeper.

I like America! I like my church! I like my friends! I like water! I like that my fridge has lots of fresh food! I like cheese! I like coffee! I like Minnesota! I like to cook! I like to walk! I like to eat! I like to do yoga! I like to spend time in Duluth! I like my best friend! I like blogging! I like you!
Positivity Train coming through...
Yep! I have the biggest smile ever just thinking about all these things I like!
Call it a gratitude list, call it a pep talk! Call it a cheese fest! Call it what you will... just do it. Today and every day!
Let's make things shiner and brighter!

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