Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nature Inspiration!

I have had no time to create and my art room looks like a massive BOMB went off!
But I just wanted to share some of the beautiful things I've seen in nature recently that I think you might adore too! God is just such an amazing artist! Damn there's so, so much beauty in this world.. I get excited just thinking about it! So much to be thankful for, just to be living and breathing and have the opportunity to go and explore the beauty in my own state - the beautiful Minnesota!

There's my eagle. Showing up always right when I need that positive push, that yes from the universe... I see one of these beauties! I saw 7 eagles on my 3 day trip this time! WOW! What animal keeps showing up in your life or dreams? 

OMG! This is where I could just flip and have a bird! Freak! I freaked out when I saw this dried up moss hang from the trees! It looks like the Grinch got caught in the branches... Seriously!?! BEAUTEOUS! STUNNING! LOVE! Is it just me? Or are you flipping too?

And the MOSS?!! I want to lick it, or hug it or squeeze it... Something?! I am just so, so so in love! So inspiring!

Find something in nature that you think is beautiful too! Look in your own backyard. I LOVE doing this... it makes me appreciate what I have right in front of me every day!

Lots of love,

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