Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Featured Artist: Mariah at Me on Life Designs!

While at the Skyline Art Crawl this weekend I met some cool artists and so I wanted to share with you some of these neat people. I really believe we all have so much to share in this world. Every person has AMAZING gifts to share. And getting to meet other artists fills me with so much joy! No matter how far along each artist is in their artistic career, we can all learn from each other, AND inspire each other! Meeting artists and sharing our passions is what lifts us up, helps us grow and keeps us creating.
  So.... Drum roll please!
Meet Mariah at Me On Life Designs!
This brilliant artist has an Illustrated card line of stick people with sayings that make you smile, laugh out loud and inspire. I love the simple clean lines with the 'pops' of color!
  They're whimsical and funny! Mariah had such a bright smile and as soon as we started talking, we instantly connected. I love it when that happens! She has a store on her website at MeOnLifeDesigns.com
These clever little cards were definitely a hit at the show! I absolutely LOVE her work! Her creativity just shines! Please go check out her store and share with anyone you think you might enjoy! She also does custom cards for that special occasion or special person! What a great artist to support! She's got a great story about how these came about as well on her site! I love her original first 10 that inspired the cards.
HOW CUTE ARE THESE!? Love, love, love em'!

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