Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Color Love

   What a beautiful fall weekend here in Minnesota. These are the weekends we live for... 70 and sunny! The fall colors were just glowing and dancing! I had a fun weekend showing at the Skyline Art Crawl. I was a little disappointed in the turn out, although I met some really cool artists! And jiving with other artists is SO inspiring! Talking to others about my passion and hear them talk about theirs, is so exciting!
  I felt bad that I missed out on Saturdays weather other than a quick evening walk with Bear. So today I went on a long walk with Bear and explored some trails off the trail we normally go on. Nature revives me, it is so alive. With out I don't think I could exist. The sun, the plants, the animals, the sky, the air, and sunshine, fills my heart and makes my soul dance. It's no wonder I dream of living somewhere closer to nature. If ever I need to fill my heart and be reminded of what I have to be thankful for, nature does it.
  The colors are so dreamy... I hope they last awhile. I can't believe how quick fall snuck up on me, it feels like beginning of September, not October. I'm super exhausted from the show and need to go get some tea and climb into bed. More on some of the cool peeps I met soon! Stay tuned. Much love to you...

Happy Fall!
Nat & Bear

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