Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Connection to the Universe

The big blue gitche gumee revives, relaxes, refreshes and soothes the spirit. I've written about her so much. 

And yet I never get sick of capturing her, of visiting her and embracing all her beauty.

Leaving this beautiful place of peace was so hard. It feels like I'm leaving home. The visit was too short. 

Summer means lots of trips to the great gitche gumme, which makes me so happy!
And the bonus is my mentor lives there!

I got to spend some time with my mentor this past weekend. I shared with her that I'm taking the Bloom True e-course. I told her about how it is changing me, and transforming me. I told her how for the first time I feel like there's a part of me, an artist that has maybe been hiding inside me... that was finally set free. She had written about her first experience of breaking free and painting with wild abandon, and she wanted me to read it.

And as I read her words it brought tears to my eyes.

She had felt that same way I did?! 

I didn't really feel like I could describe it to anyone that would understand. When I opened myself up to the universe... I received a "YES! YES! YES!"

She had felt that exhilaration, that birthing of the true artist being revealed and breaking through. 

I felt an inner enlightenment at that moment. 

When someone has been in your shoes, experienced the same thing you have, felt your joy, or felt your sorrow, your tragic or hard LIFE shit, that human connection makes us come alive. We may feel overwhelmed with gratitude, peace, joy, energy, relief, connected to the great circle.

When my husband was in Iraq and I got to connect with other people who's family members were at war, I felt relief, joy and in-spirit. They were going through what I was going through.

Those brief moments of connection helped me get through it all, they were the sun breaking through clouds for me.

This is why it is important to share your story, your experience, your gifts, your talents.

You can and will make an important impact.

Reaching out. To friends, strangers, at school, or work. Putting yourself out there. (I don't know if you want to shout it out from the rooftops?) But..
being open
to the universe and all the opportunities it is presenting you. Maybe through blogging, your web site, even on social media...The inter-webs is such an amazing tool!!

When you share your beautiful story and someone can connect and relate, we make this world a better place.

I have heard so many magical stories of people sharing their life, their story, on you tube, on their blog, in their city, and it touches thousands, it makes the National news headlines, makes the local 10pm news....

Make that connection to a friend, a stranger or on your blog, anywhere really - be creative.

Your story, your life, is important!

Much Much Love and Joy,

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