Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY - Fairy Garden

This Weekend I made a Fairy Garden with my mom... Super Easy and Cute - thought I would share some of the pics with you! Although I do not have pictures of the step by step process it's pretty easy to explain and understand.


You will need:
1. A container for the garden - a clear glass dish (Deep enough for soil and wide enough to hold a few small plants) 8+ inches I think would be good - think shallow and wide), Glass terrarium thingy, Glass bowl, garden pot - ANYTHING/or space to put the soil. Recycled items would be cool too - an old wood soda box - be creative!

2. Dirt =)

3. Plants - At most garden centers you can buy mini plants. Mini are best because you want the garden to look small (somewhere the fairies would live!) You will want moss (you can buy this at craft stores or garden centers as well) Or you can go find moss out in nature too! Succulents are a  great plant to put in these - these can even be bought in the plant section at Home Depot/Walmart/Lowe's! I even discovered AIR plants - the crazy underwater looking one in my fairy garden - is an air plant - THEY DON'T NEED DIRT! He is so FREAKIN cool (kind of spendy ($6 for the tiny little guy) but so much fun!)

4. Rocks - any sizes you like! Sand or gravel too - again I found my rocks in nature on the beach!

5. Fairy Accessories! And really this means anything - maybe it's a mini animal garden...
maybe it's just a zen garden with plants rocks and sand! Think outside the box here!  

1. Lay the dirt down - Fill almost to the top - leave an inch so the plants kind of look tucked in!

2. Dig mini holes and plant the mini plants/succulents!

3. Lay down moss if you want!

4. Make paths out of the rocks - or lay down sand/gravel.

5. Add Fairy Accessories!

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