Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blooming in Layers

Here is the one of my recent paintings showing all the layers. What an amazing process I am going through. Of letting go, of finding ME in my work. I felt a little vulnerable, on the edge of something great. A journey of my true expression, breaking free from what I think the work should be, just letting it all flow from inside me. 

I met with an old friend yesterday and she said "Isn't it great to be an artist?" And I can't help but think of that now as I compiled all these images together to see the progression.

It's exciting and freeing.

I am trusting myself, and following my intuition.
Where ever the brush takes me, I say yes.

I look at this last photo I took of my painting, and I'm in love. How can I describe it? I remember the first time I just painted "freely." Damn, it felt good. It flowed from the oceans inside me. I was in high school (10 years ago) I created a piece for a special boyfriend. What was on the canvas was my heart, I told him. It was my expression of my love. It was a poem in color. My deepest feelings expressed through the texture, strokes, shapes and rainbow of color.

This idea of me being all over the canvas still rings true now.
Today I look at this painting I created, and I feel so overwhelmed with joy and happiness, it brings me to tears. I feel like my true, raw - heart, soul and spirit is here for you see. It's me.

This is the forest of my heart.

Letting go of expectations I have for myself, fears of what others will think is right where I am, and right where I want to be.


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