Thursday, June 21, 2012


Inspiration is flowing so freely! It feels so good. I don't have to feel in the mood necessarily to paint. (That's a new concept for me!) I just get in there and go. Creativity takes commitment. I really do believe that. Pushing through even when we don't feel like creating! I started painting last night at 10 pm and stopped a little after midnight. As soon as I started working - the flow came! It's there inside me. I don't need to feel like I am forcing things, because I'm not. I am an artist!
Today I went and bought more paint and 2 large canvases, so excited to get back to my art room!

I am in love with some of the layers and others I am not sure about. But sometimes I am surprised at what becomes revealed in each new layer. I'm working towards listening to my intuition.
This process is moving and transformational for me as an artist. 

I am thrilled with the process, I feel like FEAR can't stop me anymore.
Commiting yourself in the direction of your passions can only lead to dreams coming true!

Are you commiting yourself to your passions? 
I keep seeing the quote...
If not now... then when?

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  1. You are on a mission, girl, and it's looking marvelous! Love the work and the blue toes and painterly fingernails too! :)