Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh-ya It's a Bliss List!

Hey everyone,
  What an amazing week! I've been having lots of little bliss moments this week! I'm embracing an Iced coffee right now - Hello Bliss! I'm sharing over here on Liv's Blog!
Some of the highlights this week were:

1. Making homemade enchiladas last night with my hunny on the grill. The amazing recipe we tried was from here (awesome blog!) and this one was a keeper!

2. Having a spontaneous night of girl talk and wine with a good friend, who lives 2 minutes away! =)

3. Making the time to sketch! This one was inspired from a recent trip to the cabin where we caught lots of fish!

4. Today I look down at my fingers typing this and the pink sparkly nail polish can't really be made out now because they are now covered with red, yellow and lots of orange acrylic paint! This is Bliss my friends! I have invested in myself and have finally enrolled in the Bloom True. I've been wanting to take a Flora workshop... for a very long time and I finally did it! I am worth it.

5. I am so blissed out today because I am looking forward to a girls day tomorrow at my favorite place - the North Shore. The forecast looks like rain so we will be inside painting and getting our creative - BLISS - ON!! Yahhhhhoooo!

6. My Best friend brought me a bunch of packs of fresh flowers!!! Which I then got to in turn give some away and spread more happiness and joy. I love the ripple effect.

7. Walking buddy this morning and seeing 2, (not 1!) but 2 green herons. These little birds are my favorite. (right up there with the Eagle) These little guys were circling above me - and calling. It was definitely a sign from above, the universe saying "YES!!!"

Have you been noticing the little moments of bliss this week? Let's invite in more good! I find the moment I start focusing on good - I'm on a roll! Try it =)


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